Languages are my passion Print

Every human being having only one mother, it can therefore be surprising that someone has several mother tongues.

I had contact with foreign languages from my earliest age, when languages are still easy to learn. Born in Rotterdam, of Dutch parents, I went to nursery school in English in Geneva. Afterwards, I went to primary and secondary school in French (with Latin and Greek). After my A-levels (Swiss Maturité) I also passed the Cambridge Certificate, and then went to University in Geneva, where I graduated in economics (licence ès sciences économiques). Since 1969, I live in the German-speaking part of Switzerland where I am established. I permanently keep up my cultural roots in the four languages Dutch, French, English, and German.

Since 1997, I am a member of ASTTI (Swiss association of translators, terminologists and interpreters, Bern). Since 7th November 1995, I have been enlisted in the trade register of the Canton of Zurich as a free-lance translator. I have worked as a free-lance translator since 1992, when I set up my own business in Erlenbach (canton of Zurich, Switzerland). In fact, my activity as a translator already began in 1973, for a life insurance company, then for the Swiss Retail Hardware Association, a trade fair, and a bank.

Actually, I have translated since my youngest age.

Multilingual communication has always been a life necessity for me. I therefore gladly put my knowledge and my experience at your service.


“The ideal translator is aged over forty, is an assiduous reader, has obtained a university degree in another field than language and has made his career in other fields then translation.” This is a quote that fully applies to me.

1969: University degree in economics at the University of Geneva, Switzerland
1969: Marketing for automatic transport devices in hospitals (overhead monorails)
1971: Marketing for stirring vessels for the chemical industry
1971: Assistant to the deputy manager in a life insurance company
1973: Swiss hardware trade exhibition (marketing, sales, management till 1990)
1973: Activities and translations for the Swiss hardware retail trade journal “perspective”
1973: Activities and translations for the Swiss retail hardware association (known nowadays under its new name Swissavant)
1973: Activities for the International Hardware Association (till 1996)
1990: Data Pool (data base of the Swiss retail hardware association, bar codes, EDIFACT)
1992: Set up as a free-lance translator; part-time work with a bank (till 1994)
2012: Twenty years of activity as a free-lance translator

Various interests give a broad view into different walks of life


  • Choir singing
  • Theatre
  • Solar Energy
  • Languages
  • Painting
  • Scale models
  • French chanson
  • Animals
  • Rebetiko